If you’re feeling that life’s a bit crazy right now, you’re not alone. Today I’m going to share seven different ways to keep your business and your life moving forward during the recent Coronavirus restrictions.

I’m going to provide you with some tools and strategies to get the most out of this time that we’re in. There has been so much panic around Covid-19 and it’s starting to negatively impact all areas of our personal lives and our businesses.

I get it though. It’s hard not to panic when major newspapers like the New York Times quote things like, “This week, it’s all gone to hell!” Granted it’s been a very tough week, but this negativity is not what we should be feeding our minds. Every time more cases are announced, our doom and gloom feelings also increase. And even on social media, we’re inundated with virus stats, presumptions, and unsubstantiated claims. People are panic buying and hoarding unnecessarily, and it’s taking food and supplies away from our most vulnerable. Yes, it’s all overwhelming.

To help balance the chaos and misinformation, today I’m going to share the seven ways to keep your business and your life going during this time:

1. Don’t panic. Change perspective

We have to change our perspective and really tap into how we’re feeling right now. Even if you’re not panicking, you need to tap into how you’re feeling. If it’s not a perspective that is supporting you, helping you, or keeping you in the right frame of mind, you need to pivot. Change it to a new perspective.

Instead of thinking to yourself, “I’m being restricted! I have to stay in my home. I have to isolate and I don’t like this.” How could you change your perspective? You could say “I’m going to the cottage with my family and we’re going to play games, have fun, chill out, relax, and sleep in!” Doesn’t that already sound much nicer?

Try on a bunch of perspectives and you get to choose which one you want to move forward with. Ask yourself what is your current perspective of the situation? What’s your new perspective? What are you going to choose going forward?

2. Don’t go out. Go inward

Don’t look to outward things to bring you calm and to make you feel good. Going out to concerts, bars, restaurants, and parks are not going to serve you right now. Instead, go inward into yourself and really reflect on what you need right now.

Do you need meditation? Prayer? Sleep? Reading? What about a course you’ve been meaning to do? Maybe you want to spend time with yourself. Look inward to see what you really need because that’s where a place of alignment is going to come from; where your inner strength is going to come from. This is what’s going to really support you when you move forward in life.

3. Don’t grumble, Show gratitude

Grumbling doesn’t serve anyone. We all know those people who complain about the weather today, and something else tomorrow. All this attitude does is welcome more grumbling, more negativity, and more stress into your life. You are doing yourself a disservice by focusing on the negatives.

Instead, show gratitude:

  • Be grateful that you have electricity.
  • Be grateful that you have food.
  • Be grateful that you have clean air.
  • Be grateful that you’re at home safe with your family.
  • Be grateful for this extra “free” time you’ve been given.
  • Be grateful that you’re safe.
  • Be grateful for all things in life, big and small.

4. Don’t focus on symptoms. Focus on systems

You might be listening to the news and then notice you have a little sniffle. Maybe you feel a bit tired or warm. You’re focusing too much on the possibility of those symptoms, when in fact you should be focusing on your systems.

By systems, I mean positive habits. What habits in your life do you want to change? What things in your business aren’t going well? Focus on creating systems to change your habits and routines?

Do you need a system for your taxes? A system for your health? A system for eating better? A system for getting more clients? A system for your social media?

Now’s the time to create those new practices and lock them in. Systems make the world and life business rules so much better. Focus on these systems and stop focusing on the symptoms.

Yes, you need to self-monitor. Yes, you need to check-in on yourself and your family. But once you’ve checked in, move on, move on to something else, something that’s going to help you when we come out of this time.

5. Don’t lose your cool. Love on your family

Don’t freak out people. Don’t be rude online. Don’t be the horder at the grocery store. Don’t be snippy with people. Instead, focus on the love for your friends, family, and even strangers. Now is the time to show kindness. Now is the time to love on people and do things to show you care. Write some cards, call a friend, have a zoom date, or just do something that shows your love for others. One thing that I’m doing with my clients is I’m reaching out to them. And I’m checking in with them.

6. Don’t suffer. Ask how you can serve

Don’t sit there and put yourself into this place of suffering. Don’t just sit at home and not use this time wisely. Instead, turn it around and ask, “How can I serve?” Put that negative energy of suffering into action.

How can you serve others right now? Do your neighbours need you to grab groceries for them? Are there people online who need your services?

I really like live holding events, masterminds, and training and so many of them were live in-person because there’s so much community and connection that is built when we meet face to face. Now I’m looking to move those in-person events online with video conferencing systems like Zoom.

7. Don’t be concerned. Get creative

Stop being concerned about every single thing that’s happening. Watch the news, get your information and move on. Put your energy into being creative. Are you going to get creative in how you cook, in quilting, or in photography? Could you turn something you do normally in-person into an online course?

For example, I got creative when I had to cancel a live event in Ontario recently. I moved it to an online platform and opened it up to the world so more people could be a part of it. I gifted it to everyone! Why not? Why not bring the community together because when we feel part of a community, the stress and pain can go away.

Looking back, how many of these seven things have you already implemented in your life or business? Which one(s) will you move forward with? Even if you can only pick one right now, how much better would your life be?

If you have more ideas of what you can do to stay positive and productive during this time in our lives, let me know in the comments or send me an email. We can share the love and share the ideas more freely with everyone else.

If you need a little help right now, I’m gifting strategy and coaching sessions right now if you email me at [email protected].

So until next time, make sure you’re staying safe, and stay dynamic!