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What is a Dynamic Woman?

YOU ARE! When Diane started Dynamic Women®, she tried to come up with a word that could incorporate all kinds of women, something that was all-inclusive. The word “dynamic” is powerful, and it’s active with the ability to embrace change and be a catalyst.

Rather than having titles separate us and create hierarchies, using the word “dynamic” incorporates everyone, and attracts all kinds of people. We’re all actually dynamic!

Being dynamic is a powerful movement because it crosses generations, cultures, economic status and all possible situations. It unites us and makes us equals. So now imagine a community where women like this connect, support and inspire each other! That’s who a dynamic woman is!!

Do I need to have a business to attend?

No, not at all. You can be a woman with any type of career including small business owner, retired, professional, stay-at-home-mom or even in transition. There are a lot of great trainings, interviews and events to help you grow your business if you have one, AND everything can be applied to anyone because the priority is to support a diverse group of women with personal development that will help in all areas of life.

What is Coaching in Action©?

Coaching In Action© means being led through a series of questions and activities by a certified coach. This is the part that will bring you the huge ‘aha’ moments, makes decisions and insights so clear, gets you motivated and increases your belief in what you can achieve. The other benefit is that it really connects us so strongly that we feel we’ve known each other for years, rather than just hours. This is the advantage of having a ‘Certified Professional Coach’ facilitating the events. Working with a coach is not always an affordable option. At Dynamic Women®, you can experience Coaching in Action©, all for the price of the event.

Can I come as a guest?

Yes for sure. Come to a live event online or in person by clicking here and check us out even twice before you decide to join our community. Just make sure you get a guest ticket for in person events and for Online events just make sure you’re not attending a members only event. We look forward to meeting you!

How are our events different?

We’re different, because we’re not like other groups:

We’re NOT a dinner meeting
We’re focused on the people!
We’re NOT forced referrals
We’re referrals based on relationships!
We’re NOT a group with speakers
— We’re the stars instead & we all share!
We’re NOT just professional networking
— We’re personal development as well!

Our 3 major differences:

  1. Our high level engagement on real life and real business issues promotes real relationship building. Our DW culture is infused with authenticity that fosters trusted connections and business growth.
  2. We provide a sharing culture where everyone has the chance to contribute and showcase what they do. Our members celebrate each other’s success because we help each other overcome obstacles through connection, learning and laughter.
  3. We stand out from other groups because of the many unique benefits to what we offer; personal development, professional connections, thought-provoking activities and of course, lots of fun. However, we know that the one thing that TRULY sets DW® apart is COACHING IN ACTION© at each and every event.
Can I be a member and not attend live events?

You are welcome to attend any of our in person events as a guest (twice) or as a member as much as you’d like. Just make sure you grab your tickets and RSVP here.

Can I go to any of the locations?

Yes! The Global Club component with online trainings, interviews and events allows you to be part of the community completely remotely if you’d like. The LIVE in person events are a great perk if they are in your area. Stay tuned for more locations coming soon!

So, if you want new motivation, great ideas, a bigger and better business, the company of inspirational women, and want to be coached by some of the best coaches out there, join us!

Would you like to be a facilitator or would you like to bring Dynamic Women® to your location?

We are looking for dynamic coaches to facilitate our different DW locations. With our ultimate vision of all women experiencing coaching, DW needs great coaches to bring our events across Canada and internationally.

You could be a facilitator if this is true about you:

  • You are a vibrant coach looking to impact more women in your area and grow your business.
  • You are charismatic, knowledgeable, and confident with the ability to steer groups with heart and purpose.
  • You are an engaged member in your local community and have the ability to connect with an extensive database
  • You value inclusion, connection, and community and have demonstrated service and leadership in your local community.
  • To learn more about joining as a leader, contact us using the contact form above.

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