My journey to my current “portable” career, like so many of our entrepreneurial paths, wasn’t a straight line. It was a long winding road of twists, pauses, and new starts.

Sue: The World Traveller

I was a stay at home mum until my youngest was 11. I then decided to get my Real Estate license naively thinking it would be an ideal career for a mum of two with a husband that travelled often, and a woman who wanted to time freedom!

Five years later, my real estate business was starting to “rock” and my years of sacrifice seemed to be paying off…when my husband Kevin’s company transferred him, and our whole family, to Japan. My business was put on pause.

Life in Kobe was wonderful. I found a choir, made new friends, and we had the opportunity to tour around Asia. We were settled, I found a part-time job helping expats settle in Japan. Life was great!

Two years into our five-year assignment we were transferred to Belgium! I was excited to go back to Belgium where we had lived when our boys were younger, it was familiar. I reluctantly resigned from my part-time job, moved our youngest into University in Canada and then joined my husband in Belgium.

We settled into our new location. I got involved in the community, I found a part-time position at FOCUS, sang in a new choir, and played tennis. Life was very good and we were settling in nicely.

Two years after moving to Belgium we were transferred again, this time to the US! I consoled myself that we would be closer to family. I resigned from FOCUS, (anyone else notice a pattern here yet …?) and moved to Cincinnati.

In Cincinnati, I was busy with singing, tennis, and being social. I couldn’t work as my visa did not permit it. After 3 years, my husband took a new contract and we moved back home to Ontario.

Since we were back home, I thought it was time to put down roots again start my career again as a Realtor. For the past 10 years, I had been having to uproot my life so many times, and I was tired of it! My plan now was to do Real Estate until I chose to retire.

Kevin, working as a consultant, continued to have several long-term assignments overseas (Australia, Philippines, India) unfortunately, I could only join him for short visits as being away from my business was starting to cost me dearly in lost business and referral fees.

The Universe had other ideas.

One day, I met up with a friend to catch up over a glass of wine. She told me about her new business and suggested I try the products. I loved the products, but at the time I never thought about starting that business opportunity.

I continued to focus on building my international Real Estate business. Closings on International properties were VERY lengthy (we’re talking about years not months!). However, my local broker still expected to be paid every month, as did my cell phone provider, etc regardless of whether or not I had been paid!

So … a couple of months after that glass of wine with my friend, I decided to take a leap of faith and join her business. I couldn’t see a downside! There was a minimal investment, I’d get a bunch of products I loved, plus I could use it as an additional tax write-off.

My initial goal was to get my products for free and earn enough money to pay my bills each month…while continuing to build my real estate business.

My new e-commerce business grew – I built it in the ‘cracks’ of my day – texting while waiting on buyers/sellers, between flights, talking to friends, on Facebook, etc. I got my products for free each month, I was able to pay my bills plus I noticed that my cheques started to grow a little more every month.

Day of Decision

I had been working my e-commerce business for a little over two years when my real estate license came up for renewal. I had to evaluate where I was & where I was going with real estate. To make more money I’d have to work more hours, away from my family more, limit my travel, and continue to be at the mercy of the real estate market, clients, and things I could not control.

I looked at my e-commerce business. I was in control. I had the ability to choose when, where and with whom I work, travel when I wanted. Spend time with my family, do what I love whether playing tennis, going out with friends, or singing. The earning potential was limitless. I could control my future.

I decided I was sick and tired of other people and things controlling my career and my life.

What did I have to lose?

Nothing! I chose NOT to renew my real estate license! Instead, I chose to focus my energy on creating a portable career. I now live my life on my terms and wake up each morning loving what I do. My portable career provides me with Lifestyle Freedom!

A portable career is yours for the taking…I’m happy to share more about my journey and what I know – just reach out.

If you are thinking about starting your own ‘side-gig’ I have a list of questions to ask before you join a company – email me to get your copy.

About Sue

Sue Coleman loves helping people discover the joy of working when, where, & with whom they choose; to help them build a business that has the potential to change their life as well as that of their family & community, in both big and small ways; and to discover the benefits of a portable career, the ‘magic’ of residual income and the absolute joy of lifestyle freedom.

She has been married to Kevin for over 45 years, is the mother of two grown sons, and Nana to two awesome grandsons. She also loves to sing, play tennis and travel often.

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