As part of my mission as a “teacher of Gratitude and Appreciation,” I incorporate a system for scheduling cards and gifts regularly to my clients and family members. This helps me stay on top of my game as I build my business and keep my connections active.

As we build our business, we look at Traditional Marketing strategies on a regular basis – newspaper, social media, billboards, bus benches, flyers, etc. But I ask: where is the human connection with these traditional ways of marketing our business?

We are in an ever-increasing world of technology, people are hungry for the human element. We are looking for a warm smile, a good laugh and most of all, connection with one another. We want to feel appreciated and understood. We don’t want to feel like a typical drive-thru experience where speed equals more deals. We are looking for kindness.

We want to be remembered for our kindness, heart, and genuine caring for one another. What better way than to have a system in place to build a relationship with your client/customer. What better way than by staying in contact and building a relationship so that you can be remembered.

The cool thing about this system is that not only will you be remembered, but you will also end up getting more referrals because you helped make a person feel good. We always do business with people we know, like and trust but this is harder to do through traditional marketing. When you become more than just a face on a poster, you become part of the human experience and connect with the heart and minds of people you meet.

The definition of a relationship is: noun – the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected. A noun is used to identify people – what better way than through building a relationship.

It has been studied that business connections have greater impact and longevity when you dedicate to regular contact with clients/customers. When you focus more on Relationships, your business could grow faster and more consistently over time than it could with traditional marketing. It is also much cheaper to make the human connections – now isn’t that neat – saving money as you build the business. Your probability of sales actually increases between 60% – 70% versus the 5% – 20% of traditional marketing and sales.

With traditional marketing and sales, you acquire customers whereas, with relationship marketing you develop and retain customers. You build relationships with people rather than manage the customers as with traditional marketing and sales.

Whether staying in touch through social media, a phone call, a quick text or better yet, sending a card, you will be top of mind and not lost in the many, many, many emails (spam) that people gloss over. It seems to me that every business person, entrepreneur, etc. wants to be remembered so that business will return or refer you to someone else.

If you think relationship marketing is for you and will help you build your business with a referral base, then let’s take action now and find out how I can help you get on track with ease and grace!

Let’s bring the human connections and experience back into the workplace and help bring kindness and gratitude to peoples’ lives. By reaching out one person at a time, we will help make this world a better place and bring the “human” back to our daily lives.


About Kathy

As CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer) of K.I.T.Communications with SendOutCards, Kathy Fester helps people navigate life through gratitude. Kathy is loving, passionate, caring and most of all, kind, which is why she is the expert in relationship marketing.

She helps businesses of all kinds harness the power of relationship marketing by guiding them in creating a genuine human connection using gratitude. She gives presentations on relationship marketing and gratitude to businesses and networking groups of all sizes. She is known for her genuine and authentic delivery of the topic and her friendly presentation style.

Kathy loves life hard. When she has time to spare, she spends time travelling, reading, and throwing pots on the pottery wheel. Since relationships are a huge priority, she likes to network and connect people. Ready to combine traditional marketing with relationship marketing? Kathy can help you get started:

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