In a world of noise and distraction how on earth do we amplify our message to be heard?

I recently saw Craig Clemmens speak on stage at Brendan Burchard’s Influencer event. Craig Clemmens is arguably the best copywriter in the world. He got up on stage and started his talk with a dramatic story, at the end of the story he asked the audience why do you think there have been 27 James Bond movies made and only 4 Indiana Jones movies?

His answer was a question; how does a James Bond movie start? In the middle of a chase with guns blazing and Bond dropping into buildings on a rope or escaping a moving train or diving off a boat into the ocean. Its high drama, gets your heart pumping and the movie hasn’t even started yet. That is how you get heard in a noisy place!

Remembering that time and attention are the greatest gifts from our audience, I’ve come up with 3 ways you can feel good about amplifying your message and your audience will be glad they chose to spend the time consuming it.

1. Keep your message short and relevant.

Strip your message down to the bare essentials. How do you say what your audience needs to hear in a concise format? Stop with the fluff. We coach our Podcasters to have a show around 20-30 mins in length as that is the average time podcast listeners have to do the activity they are doing while listening like dog walking, working out, commuting and cooking dinner. Most of those are 20-30 min activities BUT if you can get your message across in 13 mins then make your episode 13 mins, there is no need to add fluff to fill the time. Your listeners or followers will feel like you are respecting their time.

When my clients ask, How long should my Podcast, Blog, Video be? My final answer is to make the show as long as you need to get a concise, relevant message across.

2. Where, when & how is as important as what you say.

If you love Facebook, great! But if you are speaking to professional women, guess where they are? LinkedIn. Do you see what I mean?

So thinking a bit deeper here, if you are wanting to attract the attention of professional women perhaps posting at times when they would be on LinkedIn like between 4-5pm, the end of the day where they are killing time before clocking out or 12-1pm lunch time or just before they head out for lunch.

3. Your message needs to be sticky.

Create change and messaging that is movement worthy, whether that be a movement for a cause or a movement towards an investment.

If you use a human narrative, a story that is more compelling than just some facts and bullets about your program or service this will draw their attention to your post better.

If your audience feels the message and is inspired to act on that message you have done a great job of making your message sticky!

When you combine all three, a sticky message in the right place, in front of the right audience, and relevant and timely you’ve hit a home run! The best advice I give my podcasters is to be real, be authentic, be yourself and you will attract those who resonate with you and your message.

It’s not rocket science but there is a bit of figuring out the formula for success when it comes to content marketing.

About Michelle

Michelle is a Podcast Expert Trainer & Producer who has been speaking on stages about podcasting before most people knew what they were. She started a Vancouver based Podcasting Group and started producing Podcasts for clients in 2012 and has been speaking & training about Podcasting internationally since then. Michelle works with thought leaders and heart centred business owners who have a mission to change the world. Together with Michelle and the Amplifyou team they create & produce their shows. Since Fall 2018 Michelle and her team have coached clients to launch over 75 podcasts.

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