We’re excited to announce that Dynamic Women Michelle Abraham has joined us as a guest blogger. Let’s get to know Michelle a little better:

What does it mean, to you, to be a Dynamic Woman?

A Dynamic woman is in constant flow in her life: in one moment she’s a mom running a household and in a flash she is creating an empire. Later that day is a loving wife or caring daughter or a friend who is there for you. She is a catalyst for change, she dreams big and she is resilient through all of life’s turbulence as she knows she has a greater purpose and is not backing down

How are you dynamic in your life?

Through my own life turbulence, I have learned to get up quick and keep going, each time rising stronger and more willing to make the sacrifices needed to be successful. Resilience is a necessary skill to be a Dynamic Woman. I am a loving, kind, and thoughtful mom of 2, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and an aunt.

I’ve had success in family relationships and we have been on an extraordinary adventure. We wanted more family time and connection to nature so we sold our house in the city and moved to a lake on the Sunshine Coast of BC where we take a boat to our house from the car! We love the life this decision has given our family as we continue to be Dynamic!

How are you dynamic in your business?

I run a completely digital online business from an off the grid remote location, 99% of my business still comes from people I have met in person at events like Dynamic Women. I am always seeking ways to lift my clients up and help them have more success. I work with clients from 5 continents and love being supported by a team who come from all walks of life in a few different countries. As the podcasting space is fast-paced and always changing we are constantly checking our compass and making adjustments to stay on course with our dreams.

How has the way you approach relationships changed since becoming a part of Dynamic Women?

I approach business relationships with more of a collaborative & collectiveness attitude, I have met some of my best friends in Dynamic Women and we have become not just close in business but we do life together as friends too. I committed Dynamic Women as the one place I go to for all of my networking and connecting for years and it paid off in strong relationships and clients.

Share a favourite moment from a Dynamic Women event.

My favourite moments are when we are doing an activity that focuses on our self-worth, the tears and the magic that happens in a room where women realize that they are enough and are made for more and they are supported is just so awesome.

What is 1 thing you ABSOLUTELY couldn’t live without and why?

My family, they are just the coolest people and I love them so much. The unconditional love I feel from them and the support I get is amazing, I couldn’t live without them.

About Michelle

Michelle is a Podcast Expert Trainer & Producer who has been speaking on stages about podcasting before most people knew what they were. She started a Vancouver based Podcasting Group and started producing Podcasts for clients in 2012 and has been speaking & training about Podcasting internationally since then. Michelle works with thought leaders and heart centred business owners who have a mission to change the world. Together with Michelle and the Amplifyou team they create & produce their shows. Since Fall 2018 Michelle and her team have coached clients to launch over 75 podcasts.

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