We’re excited to announce that Christina Horvath is joining us as a guest blogger! To get to know her better, here are a few facts and tidbits about what makes her dynamic:

What does it mean, to you, to be a dynamic woman?
The strong connections we have in Dynamic Women mean I can be with like-minded women who aspire to be their best. Dynamic Women are smart, ambitious, and have a lot of heart.

How are you dynamic in your life?
I strive to incorporate new approaches in my life and in my business.

How are you dynamic in your business?
My industry of home finance is always in a state of change. I devote specific time blocks each week to learning.

How has the way you approach relationships changed since becoming a part of Dynamic Women?
One of the things I have come to appreciate in Dynamic Women is the value of the solid long-term friendships that have resulted. Some of the wisdom I have gained from Dynamic Women is how to better design relationships, especially with clients. Designing a relationship ensures both my clients and I have a better sense of understanding in the emotional process of getting a mortgage.

Share a favourite moment from a Dynamic Women event.
Some of my best memories of Dynamic Women are moments of positive encouragement that I have given and received to women during group sessions. The caring that takes place in Dynamic Women is really the cornerstone of everything else.

What is 1 thing you ABSOLUTELY couldn’t live without and why?
The one thing I could not go without is the opportunity to share ideas with others. Sure, chocolate is pretty nice to have around, but the collective energy when positive women get together is inspiring.

About Christina

Christina brings her over ten years of experience as a mortgage broker to help plan the best path for mortgage financing. Mortgages these days are complex and Christina takes the overwhelm factor out of the process. These are big decisions, and Christina is there to provide the support and information but never the pressure. She offers expertise in buying a new home, refinancing a current home for debt consolidation, renovations or other purposes, mortgage renewal advice, real estate investment and overall mortgage planning. Christina’s other interests include Toastmasters, gardening and history. Christina is a proud and longtime member of Dynamic Women.

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