We’re excited to announce that Ashley Doan, is joining us as a guest blogger! To get to know her better, here are a few facts and tidbits about what makes her dynamic:

What does it mean, to you, to be a Dynamic Woman?
I am a collaborator. I am humorous. I am creative. These three attributes, and of course so many more, are part of what makes me a dynamic woman. For me, being dynamic is stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing things in my life and business that I never imagined doing before, without fearing failure.

How are you dynamic in your life?
Humor is a huge part of my life and I work it in to almost everything that I do. In my life I’m dynamic because I’m learning to roll with the punches, take more risks, and spend more time doing what I love to do, not necessarily what I need to do.

How are you dynamic in your business?
I’m being dynamic by reaching for the stars in my business. I’m constantly seeking new ways to grow my business and my community. I also found once I brought humour and genuine authenticity into my business, it made a huge impact, and it made work feel more enjoyable and natural.

How has the way you approach relationships changed since becoming a part of Dynamic Women?
All my relationships have evolved since joining Dynamic Women. Even my relationship with myself! I now genuinely believe that when I take the time to care for myself, I’m a better mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, and woman.

Share a favourite moment from a Dynamic Women event.
I was in a group coaching day with a room full of Dynamic Women and Diane. I shared a story from my life with the group, and I started to tear up when I saw their genuine reactions when I looked up from my paper. The support from this community of women still gets to me sometimes. I know that if I ever need support or shoulder to cry on, I can find fellow dynamic women who will be there for me…and I’ll be there for her when she needs me!

What is 1 thing you ABSOLUTELY couldn’t live without and why?
COFFEE!! I’m a mom of 2 high energy toddlers, and I run my own marketing business so I rely on coffee to give me the pep I need to get though the day (plus I love the taste)!

About Ashley

Ashley “WriterGal” Doan inspires entrepreneurs and women to action through humour and authenticity. As CEO and Caffeinated Copywriter of her business WriterGal Marketing Services, she helps businesses learn how to make content marketing easy, sustainable, profitable, and fun! Ashley is also a public speaker who speaks on various content marketing topics, and a motivational speaker for entrepreneurs and working mothers.

As a mother of toddlers, she has a passion for supporting mothers and female entrepreneurs. Ashley is the founder of the Caffeinated Working Mom Club, a Facebook peer group of working moms craving connection, comradery, and fun.

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