(The Birth of the Dynamic Women® Podcast)

Have you ever taken a long time to start to do something? And I’m not talking about laundry or seeing a specific movie.

I mean, when you have a goal on your list or a dream to accomplish. Something that is important to you, yet you don’t get going on it.

While you aren’t procrastinating and you aren’t stuck, you also feel like nothing is pushing to make it happen. So, you don’t. Also, there’s no urgency because nothing bad would happen if you didn’t do it.

But what could happen if you did do it? What success and results could you have?

Ohhh! That’s a good one to think about. And this question is what finally got me going.

So what was the thing I wasn’t taking any action on?

Back in 2016, I jumped into wanting to do a podcast for Dynamic Women®. It was a great opportunity and something I definitely saw the value in launching. The funny thing is that nothing was stopping me from doing it.

  • I had the right team to put it together for me.
  • I had lots of support from my network to give feedback.
  • I had all of the other things that were needed: the topics, the ability, the funds, even the special microphone!

And yet it wasn’t happening. I wondered why… 5 words:

It. Was. Not. A. Priority.

I had trademarking to do, a magazine, dynamic products to make like our shirts and mugs. I had speaking engagements and launching the Dynamic You™ book and program. Oh and did I mention I had 2 kids under 5 and one of them (my son) broke his femur, another business to run and on and on.

Are these excuses? Or valid reasons?

The truth is we have time for what we decide is a priority.

For me, it wasn’t a priority. There was a question that kept rolling around in my mind like a hamster on a wheel. But what could happen if I made the podcast a priority and got it done?

I share this because when I finally got around to putting the podcast together it was a whole TWO YEARS later. That was a little embarrassing to find out.

The redeeming fact is that I’m now in a place to find out the great things that will come from it and I hope sharing my story can do the same for you.

That leads me to ask you, what if doing that one thing you’ve not made a priority is the one missing piece to your success? Or what if it’s a complete waste of time and you’ve been feeling guilty about not doing it?

Here are some questions to help figure out if it’s a priority or a waste of time:

  1. What do I want to accomplish (but haven’t yet)?
  2. What’s important about it?
  3. What results will I receive? What results could I receive?
  4. Which values and priorities is it in alignment with?
  5. What else will it help me achieve and accomplish?
  6. Because your answer may be based on fear or desire to not have to do the work, don’t ask, Do I want to do it? Instead ask, Do I want to achieve it?
  7. Do I want to start working on achieving it in the next 6 months to a year?
  8. How badly on a scale of 1-10? 10 being the most and 1 the least.

If the answers are no and negative then you might consider letting it go or at least giving yourself permission to revisit it in 2 years and let go of it for now.

If the answers are yes and are positive then begin to pursue this goal. The next questions can help with getting started:

  1. Which stage of change am I in? Look to the Stages of Change by Prochaska & Diclemente to see where you are:
  2. What do I need to get to the next stage? Do you need resources, support, to learn something or just to make the decision to do it?
  3. When will I start?

Then get moving on making the answers to 10 and 11 happen.

After being in Contemplation stage I moved myself into Preparation, then Action and it’s now done! I can’t say I’m maintaining until I get a system in place and consistently publish podcasts which might not happen until I get to three to six months or even up to a year.

What have you been sitting on doing? Share below. Also, if you went through the questions comment below letting me know which one helped you to either let it go or get started.

Still struggling? Let me know where you are stuck or what is holding you back so I can provide some additional answers and options for you.

I’ll keep you posted on the answer to the question that was circling my mind. Except now it’s morphed a little into this, What WILL happen SINCE I made the podcast a priority and got it done?

I hope lots!